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rFactor Ignition 1.0

rFactor Ignition is a great tool to customize your rFactor (See all)

rFactor is a great game, and what makes it so great is the ability of installing any mod into the game and play it. However, this comes with its downside: the mods make the system load heavier and heavier, while the configuration options are different for them. You can try using rFactor Tweaker to change some settings in the PLR files, but if you really want to configure the launch of the game, you should use Ignition. The program allows you to configure everything in the PLR file through a great graphic interface, but not only that. You can create and preview your showroom for each mod, change the graphic display settings, modify the game difficulty and change other configurations as well. Ignition also notifies you when a mod you own has been updated with a different version. One of the coolest things is the ability to launch your telemetry program directly from Ignition. A handy tool for all those setup makers that might handle different mods. Overall, the interface is good enough to stand on its own against Tweaker, but the extra features give it an edge over other programs.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great interface
  • Lots of options


  • Some bugs with some mod cfg files
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